Alot of these are questions that are asked many times over in chat when i'm live streaming. So here is a list of information about me:

  1. Q. Who are you exactly?
    A. I live in Kansas, USA and am currently 29 years old. I currently work for Best Buy as a Home Theater Installation Agent. My life is everything computer technology related and hope one day I can become a Senior Network Administrator at a big business. Don't attend college yet but did course work for my Associates of Applied Sciences back in 2004-2006 but never graduated. But my focus now is to try and work on my Bachelors of Network Sciences or equivalent.

  2. Q. How did you come up with your name Bilehazard?
    A. Was originally Krillin109 then Biledemon and decided to drop the demon part in place of hazard. So This + the meaning of Bile + the meaning of Hazard = Bilehazard. So all in all, i've been using this name since 2001.

  3. Q. What languages do you speak?
    A. My main language is American English and my 2nd language is German. I'm half German from my mom's side. But over the years i've lost alot of my speaking capabilities but can still read and understand the language quite well. You'll hear me say some German stuff here and there on my streams sometimes. If you want me to say something in German, just ask in chat!

  4. Q. What kind of music do you listen to outside of streaming?
    A. I listen to pretty much anything except for Country and Girl/Boy Pop bands.

  5. Q. How long have you been streaming on TwitchTV?
    A. I have been streaming on Twitch for about 2 years now but have been with the site since it came out in June 2011. I was only with JustinTV for a very short time.

  6. Q. What is your goal as a streamer?
    A. My plan is to be able to offer 4K content to my viewers through my site. In order to do this, i'll need to make my own video player with Transcoding capabilities to lower resolutions. I'm going to attempt to create my own personal streaming website and content. But my streaming goal is to be able to stream to multiple streaming websites such as TwitchTV, Hitbox, Livestream, Instagib and various others all at once to broaden my entertainment out to more then just TwitchTV itself. That way I can accumulate a bigger audience and have more people watch me play video games and be able to entertain a bigger crowd.

  7. Q. Have you ever made any websites before?
    A. I have indeed, but they were made in HTML Editor Programs where I had to simply drag and drop codes into the program and position them to my needs. But that was when I had minimum knowledge in website coding. Some websites i've made are as follows Blizzard Fan Site, Alien Adoption Agency Clan Page, Some Clan Site

  8. Q. What games have you beaten?
    A. I normally play PC games and a list of ones I have beaten on cast can be located Here. I typically play everything from Indie to FPS to RTS to Action/Adventure. Theres not too many games I won't try at least once.

  9. Q. What is that hookah your smoking on? Is that weed?
    A. No it is not a hookah nor is it an illegal substance. I use an electronic cigarette. I smoke Piped Tobacco flavor with a PlumeVeil RBA and a Tesla Steampunk Mech Mod /w 18650B Batteries - 3400mAH.

  10. Q. Are you attemtping any sort of live challenge?
    A. No i am not, I stream for fun right now and think it's pretty cool to have an audience experience the game with you, while being able to project your thoughts out loud.

  11. Q. Can i suggest a game to play or will you be playing _______ game?
    A. Since i can't keep up with all the new games that come out on a weekly basis, I try to buy the ones that catch my eye. If theres a game you'd like me to play and not on my steam list, you can definetly donate and i'll play it on cast. I also have an extensive wishlist with games i'd like to play. Please ask me first before gifting me a game and as always, donating games are not necessary but always appreciated.

  12. Q. What do you stream with and whats your setup?
    A. All this information can be located here.

  13. Q. Do you own any consoles besides a PC?
    A. I currently own a Nintendo 64 with 4 controllers. Only games I have for it is 007 Goldeneye and Killer Instinct Gold. I also own a PS3 with GTAV and an Xbox360 with all the Guitar Hero games. I used to own an Atari 2600 with 30 games, an SNES with 15 games, PS2 with maybe 10-15 games, and a Gamecube with a handful of games. Im planning on reclaiming all these consoles and more in the future so I have a better collection of systems to stream with.

  14. Q. Whats your fav game?
    A. That is a hard question for me to answer. But I do love me some Starcraft 2 and Half Life 2 Deathmatch. But there are many games I love but don't really have a top 5. But if I had to choose it be the Half Life Franchise, Wolfenstein Franchise, and the Mass Effect Franchise.

  15. Q. What music do you normally play on your stream?
    A. I use Galbadia Hotel which has a huge database of Video Game related music and songs that are played on my streams. Otherwise whatever background music came with the game is played.

  16. Q. Whats your view on Politics & Religion?
    A. Don't care too much for politics because, as we stand now as a nation, nobody will ever fix what has happened to our country unless a civil revolution breaks out and kinda "resets" the country. As far as religion, I don't believe in a higher being but do respect people who have faith. I'm a "If i see it, I believe it" kinda guy.

  17. Q. What kind of food do you like to eat?
    A. I pretty much eat anything, if theres something I haven't tried before, i'd give it a test. Theres not much i don't like so far but raw carrots I absolutly dislike!

  18. Q. What things do you like to drink?
    A. My favorite drink has got to be Mt. Dew, but regular tap water does the body good. My favorite beer is Guiness Draft.

  19. Q. How can I become a mod in your streaming channels?
    A. Simple! Don't ask if you can be a mod. I moderate my chat myself because I don't want accidental Timeouts or Bans. But if you frequent the chat and conduct yourself in a polite and proper manner, I might consider making you a part of the mod team.

  20. Q. I don't see any questions that relate to any of this crap above, how can I ask a question?
    A. Simple, email me at