Looking for information about Trivia Tuesday's and what it's all about? Then you came to the right place. Trivia Tuesdays (TT) is a Trivia quiz to test viewers knowledge on everything video game related. Be it guessing a character image or trying to figure out what year a console released. The trivia is 100 questions and whomever aquires the highest amount of points, questions that are answered correctly, will win you a certain amount of games out of my Steam Inventory. 1st place gets to nab 3 prizes, along with 2nd place with 2 prizes and, last but not least, 3rd place which only gets 1 prize. Questions are randomized from a 500+ questions list that I put into a randomizer to create the final Trivia result.

  • 1. Whoever gets the answer right first in chat gets 1 point.
  • 2. Multiple answers to multiple choice question will gain you 1 extra point per correct answer.
  • 3. Do not argue with the Broadcaster or Viewers on who was supposed to get the point first.
  • 4. If the answer isn't correct, please speak up and notify the broadcaster so it gets updated when the question gets used again.
  • 5. You can use whatever source you want, I can't stop you, its just a game to see who can get the answer the fastest depending if participants know the answer right away.
  • 6. If you'd like to submit video game related questions or a specific category of questions, please email them to Trivia@bilehazard.com.