Here is a list of equipment I stream with on TwitchTV with links on where to buy them. There is also information on what settings I use in OBS, including pics for easy viewing. Powered By:

Open Broadcaster Software:

I use OBS Studio x64 for all my streaming purposes. Below are the settings for OBS that you can copy and test on a similar PC build and upload that I have. Plugins I use for OBS are the Browser Plugin for my Twitch Follower/Host notifications. I also use SMG to display my music. These are plugins I use, but there are many different variations of each on OBS Forums.

I also use a green screen built from scratch. The green fabric I use can be bought at your local fabric store but I got mine from Hobby Lobby. The frame is made from some left over PVC piping with straight, 90° angle, and T-Shape connecting pieces. For lighting I use a cheap 3 lamp post which have Ecobulb Daylight 90W bulbs in them. I also use green fabric to cover the sofa and bed that are also in the background to hide everything!